My Story

Betty Pitcher’s mother taught her to sew more than 30 years ago. For years most of her projects were sewing every-day clothing and home dec items until that fateful day when her son was at a theatre rehearsal and said “My mom can sew!”. That one sentence changed her life as she got pulled into more than 10 years of specialty costume design and creation.

Betty has costumed full shows for 1,400 seat theaters and has done individual custom pieces. The relationships she built through those experiences opened up yet another door for her to begin sewing instruction. Through her costume design and sewing classes, Betty gets to share her passion with others.

Testimonials about Betty Pitcher

Debbie, Vocal Coach & Director

Betty is an artistically gifted costume designer who comes prepared to every show by thoroughly researching the story and time line. She has the ability to bring a show director’s ideas to life, brings fresh ideas and options and is an excellent manager of costume teams. In my opinion, she is a “miracle worker”. I look forward to doing many more shows with her in the future!

Marci Lynn, Director at NCP

Having worked with Betty on 10+ productions, there are many reasons she is ALWAYS my costume designer. She takes the time to understand my needs, takes pride in her work, is incredibly reliable, takes my feedback, works within my budget (or lack of one) and I'm always impressed and thoroughly thrilled with the final product.